Welcome to Extra Hand. We do not currently accept regular scheduled clients, but if you're in need of help before a party or event, let us know and maybe we'll be able to give you that extra hand you need!


Overview of our services:

General Housekeeping


I’ll come in and clean your home.


Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a fresh house, with nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the evening?

Home Staging & Redesign


If you’re moving, or you’re just tired of the layout of any room in your house, let us come in and fix that. We’ll rearrange your furniture and design the room to be comfortable, and if you’re looking to sell, we’ll have it all jazzed up for when the buyers start looking.

Home Organization


Even if you don’t plan on cleaning out and moving, you may want to have some help organizing your pantry, cabinets, and your life, just to make life a bit easier.

Holiday Decorating & Party Planning


We’ll help decorate your home with your  Holiday items. And, if you have a party coming up, we’ll help you plan and arrange the event to be the best ever!

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